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    North American Battery Mineral Projects


    About Nova Lithium Corp.

    As the world begins to shift towards a clean energy future, the global demand for green solutions is surging.


    Nova Lithium Corp. is a Canadian-based exploration company focused on accelerating the green revolution with a portfolio of highly promising battery-mineral projects located in tier 1 jurisdictions. Our mission is to discover value in a world where clean energy solutions are a vital key to unlocking a greener future.

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    Mr. Collick also has extensive experience in the renewable energy sector, specifically Greenwind Power Corp., where he was responsible for assessing their wind energy potential. Mr. Collick’s interests include biofuels, where he founded a company that was ultimately responsible for the design and build-out of a biofuel reactor using canola as feedstock located in Alberta, Canada. Previously, Mr. Collick served as the Chief Relationships Officer for Atrum Coal NL, where he was responsible for the Groundhog Coal Discovery in Northern British Columbia. His responsibilities included consulting with the government, the First Nations, and other direct and indirect stakeholders in the project.



    Mr. O’Flaherty is a Chartered Accountant and a CFA Charterholder. He qualified as a Chartered Accountant in Canada with Deloitte. He has over 15 years of experience in financial services, with a specific focus on accounting and wealth management, and has worked with some of the largest companies in Canada, including Shaw Communications, RBC Royal Bank, TD Waterhouse, and CIBC Wood Gundy. He currently serves as a CFO and Director of several public and private corporations.




    Mr. Eskandari has extensive experience in marketing and operational management for public companies including budgeting, raising capital, and developing and executing successful growth strategies. His professional experience spans various industries including pharmaceuticals, retail, mining, and technology.


    Prior to his career in marketing and management, Mr. Eskandari was the General Manager of one of the flagship stores of Future Shop/Best Buy in Western Canada, where he implemented a successful marketing and sales program resulting in the highest sales growth in a key period within all stores in Western Canada. Mr. Eskandari is a graduate of Simon Fraser University (SFU) with a degree in Molecular Biology and Biochemistry. Mr. Eskandari has also been on the board of various public companies in the mining sector and as a serial entrepreneur, he has been a founder and/or co-founder of multiple companies over the past ten years. He is currently a Director and Interim CFO of Oakley Ventures Inc.





    Mr. Mackenzie has over 15 years’ experience in exploration and environmental geology, he has worked in New Zealand, Australia, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Canada running exploration programs and due diligence projects including Atrum Coal’s Groundhog Project in Northern British Columbia. Mr. Mackenzie has extensive experience in acid rock drainage, air and water quality analysis, drill program design and supervision, and remote program logistics. More recently, Mr. Mackenzie has been working in commercial construction and venture capital. Mr. Mackenzie has a Master of Engineering Geology, and a Master of Legal Studies and is currently competing for an MBA at the University of British Columbia.





    Mr. Arthur is currently the president of CR7 Investments Inc., which actively identifies promising mining and technology projects for purpose of investment, and technical and strategic partnership to ensure the growth and success of these projects. His professional experience spans various industries including retail, mining, Industrial, and Technology. Mr. Arthur has assisted in financing several public companies and bring’s a pleather of knowledge in the capital markets. Previous to his career in management, Mr. Arthur was a varsity athlete for the University of British Columbia’s Men's Soccer Program and had spent a short period overseas pursuing a professional career as an athlete.

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